Copper Restaurant


Geometry is at play in this contemporary fine dining restaurant inspired by the surrounding red earth of Ghana’s capital.

Copper Restaurant is a fine dining establishment behind Flagstaff House in Kanda Estates, Accra. Designed with exclusivity in mind, the restaurant is a place for discerning clients to meet over elevated authentic Ghanaian cuisine. The name is inspired by the copper tones of the rusty-red and sometimes shiny laterite soil of the environment that we were struck by on our first visits to Ghana. Our further research into the properties of copper revealed its association with femininity and charisma, a natural link with the strong matrilineal nature of Ghanaian society. It is also associated with the balance between work and play; an intersection that the restaurant plays host to. Our design mantra for the project was to create a space fit for the new ‘copper culture’. 

Copper Restaurant is at rooftop level of The Rhombus which takes its name from the shape of the building. This provided further inspiration for the restaurant design and we responded with geometry pulled through the various custom design elements from the angular bar counter made from timber, copper sheeting and bronze glass, to the hexagon motif laser cut into the walls and repeated in the hanging light boxes which create a striking feature in the dining area. The hexagon is a dynamic shape that symbolises a coming together, in this case, of people congregating around the dinner table. A cluster of TRuK pendant lights make a deconstructed chandelier above the bar; they’re made entirely from repurposed air filters. 

Aligning closely with the client brief, timber is a prominent material in the space which we incorporated throughout the design in various shapes and tones from the wall paneling to the herringbone floor to create visual interest.